The French Faculty:

Guylaine Bouchard - French Department Chair

Bonjour! my name is Guylaine Bouchard. I am originally from French Canada, but I have also lived in France and Belgium performing with “Pointépiénu,” a French neo-classical dance company. I graduated from the University of Montreal with Honors in French Literature. I am also a credited voice-over artist in the French version of “Rugrats in Paris.”

Dara Schissel - French, and English for Speakers of French

Salut! I got my BA in English from Pitzer College, and spent one semester of those four undergraduate years in France, at the Sorbonne. Today, I've only recently returned to Los Angeles after 7 years of Parisian living. While there I worked as a teacher and translator for numerous high-profile and iconic corporations. I also attended La Fémis, the French national film school, for screenwriting and have recently completed my first feature-film script, a bilingual and bicultural comedy.

"Une attention individuelle"

Individual attention. Rest assured that taking private lessons is the most effective and rewarding way to learn French. Many of my students have tried classes of all kinds and have left dissatisfied. With 1 on 1 instruction you will be making a worthwhile lifelong investment!

“Quel est votre niveau de français?”

What level are you? Whether you are just beginning in French, or you are an advanced French student that wants to finally become fluent, a personalized curriculum and one-on-one attention is the most effective way to see and hear results. By studying with me we can take our time with problem areas or quickly increase your confidence in areas you are already well versed.


Let’s speak! The most important thing is speaking and listening. The more you speak the more confident you will become in your French skills. Not only will you learn ‘textbook French’ but also the all-important French idioms, slang, and colloquialisms. I find it amazing, but these terms are seldom taught even though they can be the most commonly used. When you get off the plane in Paris, I bet the first things you hear will all be idiomatic!

“Lire, écrire, et parler, l'approche multilatérale"

Let’s read, write, and talk: the ‘multilateral’ approach. At Strommen Tutoring we believe in a ‘multilateral’ approach to learning languages; learning a language the same way you learned English as a child! We will use a variety of French texts, from comic books to French literature and plays. We will use reading exercises, unique writing exercises, and oral exercises we have developed through research and application. Therefore we will engage your French ‘right brain’ through conversation, reading and listening but we will also employ your ‘left brain’ advantageously.

"Avez-vous besoin d'aide?"

Need help? Maybe all you need is a little help, or... a lot! If you are taking an online course, or are in a group class, I can help you with your Homework, and conversational French (which is always overlooked), accent coaching, oral exam prep, written exam prep, French grammar, French history and culture, and written assignments.

"À bientôt alors!"