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About Your German Tutors:

Lon Haber:

Hi, name is Lon Haber. Born in the US, I lived in both Austria and Germany for many years before returning for school. I have a B.A. in international affairs and a minor in German from Florida State University. I return to Austria twice a year for work and to visit family and friends. Besides teaching German, I have also recorded German voice-overs for animated features as well as television series. I have trained actors on film and television productions for accents, and German dialects.

Torsten Keller:

My name is Torsten Keller, I am fluent in German and English. I was raised in southern Germany, near the beautiful city of Munich. I went through the entire schooling system there, both middle school and high school in German. The German I grew up speaking is standard German (Hochdeutsch), although I am quite capable of teaching most dialects and helping a student to discern the differences. I visit family in Germany every other year. Teaching experience includes working with Strommen Tutoring and the German-American School Association of Southern California. I also currently teach art classes on a regular basis. I enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and works of German literature with my students. 

Jayson Moton

Wie geht's? My name is Jayson and I am a German/American native. I was born in the US, however moved to Frankfurt, Germany, at the very young age of 4. I grew up speaking both languages at home with my German mother and my American father and went through the German schooling system, graduating with the “Abitur” in English and Art. I have a B.A. in Psychology and German from the University of Maryland. I really enjoy the 1 on 1 setting and appreciate how much can be accomplished in a short amount of time. I use the Strommen technique of developing the ear so that you can correct yourself, as well as the use of idioms to better connect with actual Germans. I go back to Germany once a year to catch up with friends and family, eat some good food, and of course see what new trends are developing in Europe.


"Ist dein Deutsch gut?"

Is your German good? Whether you are just beginning in German, or you are an advanced German student, a personalized curriculum and one-on-one attention is the most effective way to see and hear results.

"Sprechen, sprechen, sprechen!"

Speak! Speak! Speak! The most important thing is speaking and listening in German. The best way to do this is by reading texts aloud to develop your own “German ear” while also perfecting your accent. When you read it is as if you are speaking the language perfectly, and the more you speak the more confident you will become in your German skills. Not only will you learn ‘textbook German’ but also the all-important German idioms, slang, and colloquialisms. At Strommen Tutoring we find it amazing that these terms are seldom taught even though they can be the most commonly used.

"Lesen, schreiben, sprechen: Die multilaterale Methode"

Let’s read, write, and talk: the ‘multilateral’ approach. At Strommen Tutoring we believe in a ‘multilateral’ approach to learning languages. The most noticeable results come from learning like a native German would. We will use a variety of German texts, from comic books to works of philosophy. We will use reading exercises, unique writing exercises, and oral exercises we have developed through research and application.  Therefore we will engage your German ‘right brain’ through conversation and listening but we will also employ your ‘left brain’ advantageously.

"Brauchen Sie hilfe?

Need help? Maybe all you need is a little help -or a lot! If you are taking an online course, or are in a group class, I can help you with conversational German, accent coaching, oral exam prep, written exam prep, German grammar, German history, German Philosophy, culture, and written assignments.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Lon Haber,
German Tutor,