Private Mandarin Chinese Classes in Los Angeles


Ni hao!

My name is Hannah Crum. I love teaching Mandarin and Chinese Culture to students of all ages, whether for cultural enrichment, travel, or business purposes. Unlike many Mandarin teachers, I am completely bilingual which helps to clarify the subtleties of the language.

My qualifications include a 4.0 in Mandarin Chinese at the University of Illinois, becoming the winner of the Illinois Taiwan Consortium Fellowship, and attending the prestigious International Chinese Language Program at TaiDa University in Taipei, Taiwan. I am also a member of the Spanish National Honor Society. I look forward to sharing the culture and my enthusiasm with you.


I specialize in Mandarin conversation, pronunciation, Pinyin and Tones, Chinese characters, writing and reading skills, Chinese history and culture, Chinese customs and etiquette. Whether you are a child or an adult, advanced but disheartened after taking a group class, or have never taken a Mandarin class at all, 1 on 1 tutoring is by far the best and most effective way to learn.


I use a very good text, provide a structured course, and emphasize conversation. I have been perfecting my classes for quite some time, and I am very pleased to see how much my curriculum has helped beginners to start speaking, and also helped already advanced students break the fluency barrier.