Private Spanish Classes in Los Angeles


The Spanish Faculty:

Hector Guerrero:

Hola. Mi nombre es Hector Guerrero. My first language is Spanish; however, I learned English at the age of 5. I am a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. I have lived in Mexico, New York City and Los Angeles. I have a B.A. In child development and a teaching credential in elementary education from C.S.U.L.A. Teaching experience includes my time with Strommen Tutoring and 10 years in the bilingual program for the L.A.U.S.D. I have also translated legal documents and lyrics for various Spanish recordings. I love teaching; I am also a professional dance instructor and performer. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals with Spanish culture and Language.

Mayra Solano:

Hi, my name is Mayra Solano. I am fluent in both Spanish and English. I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree at California State University Northridge for English Literature. I have a B.A. in English from C.S.U.N. with Latin Honors. Teaching experience includes being a Teachers Assistant at CSUN, a volunteer tutor at Pasadena City College, years of translation experience, and my training with Strommen Tutoring.

Hannah Crum: (Spanish + Mandarin)

Hi My name is Hannah Crum, I studied Mandarin Chinese (4.0) & Spanish (3.8) at the University of Illinois – Urbana, Champaign. I am Fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. I am a member of the Spanish National Honor Society and winner of the Illinois Taiwan Consortium Fellowship, an experience that allowed me to pursue my studies abroad. I love teaching Spanish language and culture, Mandarin, and academics. My classes are always fresh and creative, in my opinion the learning process should always be a fun and rewarding experience.

“¿Cómo es su español?”

Is your Spanish good? Whether you are just beginning in Spanish, or you are an advanced Spanish student, a personalized curriculum and one-on-one attention is the most effective way to see and hear results.

"Entrene su oído."

Train your ear. The most important thing is speaking and listening in Spanish. The best way to do this is by reading texts aloud to develop your own “Spanish ear” while also perfecting your accent. When you read it is as if you are speaking the language perfectly, and the more you speak the more confident you will become in your Spanish skills. Not only will you learn ‘textbook Spanish’ but also the all-important Spanish idioms, slang, and colloquialisms. At Strommen Tutoring we find it amazing that these terms are seldom taught even though they can be the most commonly used.

"Leamos! Escribamos! y... Hablemos Español! El Método Multilateral."

Let’s read, write, and talk: the ‘multilateral’ approach. At Strommen Tutoring we believe in a ‘multilateral’ approach to learning languages. The most noticeable results come from learning like a native Spanish speaker would. We will use a variety of texts, from comic books to works of philosophy and original language drama. We will use reading exercises, unique writing exercises, and oral exercises we have developed through research and application. Therefore we will engage your Spanish ‘right brain’ through conversation and listening but we will also employ your ‘left brain’ advantageously.

"Necesita Ayuda?"

Need help? Maybe all you need is a little help -or a lot! If you are taking an online course, or are in a group class, we can help you with conversational Spanish, accent coaching, oral exam prep, written exam prep, Spanish grammar, Spanish history, Spanish Philosophy, culture, and written assignments.

"Hasta pronto, Espero un próximo reencuentro!"