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Marcus - Los Feliz, Glendale, West Side and Los Angeles Area

My name is Marcus, For most of my life, I lived in the Rhineland, in the very western part of Germany, where I studied and received an MFA in painting from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. I am very happy to be back in Los Angeles. As a native speaker who decided on an academic career, I am naturally well-read in German literature, from Goethe to Franz Kafka, and I have an interest in German philosophy, from Thomas von Aquin to Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as an obvious interest in the history of German art. I use the Strommen Approach, developing your ear and creating a tailor-made class that fits your exact needs.

Carol - German Classes in El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Culver City and West LA

Hallo, my name is Carol. Although I lived in York City until the age of 2, I grew up in Germany (Nordenham and later moved to Aachen). German is my native language, English is my next strongest and I also speak some Portuguese, as my mother is from Portugal. I was an exchange student in Michigan during my teenage years, and as a result I went to college there as well, where I obtained my Bachelor in Business Administration at Western Michigan University. I worked in marketing for a German chemical manufacturing company starting out in Parsippany, NJ and later Charlotte, NC where I also obtained my MBA at Queens University. I go back home to Germany every Christmas (Aachen has a beautiful downtown “Christmas market”). I love languages, music, movies and reading. I very much enjoy a one-on-one learning environment, as I am very patient and have done some volunteer tutoring at the Culver City Adult School for basic education.

Cyril: German in Echo Park, Downtown, Angelino Heights, Silver Lake And Los Angeles

Hallo, my name is Cyril and I'm from Zurich, the cultural center of
Switzerland. Before coming to America and receiving and MFA in fine
arts I tutored German at different stages of my studies.
I have a strong and varied interest in Germanic literature; among my
favorite authors are Jean paul Richter, (of whom Goethe said that his
writing made his head hurt),
Heinrich von Kleist, who wrote the short story with the longest
introductory sentence, E.T.A Hoffmann, Friedrich Glauser, Robert
Walser, Franz Kafka, Thomas Bernhard and many others.
I believe in teaching German by using individual students’ fields
of interest and adapting to every specific need.

Josefine - German in North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Van Nuys, Valley Village, Universal City, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

Guten Tag, my name is Josefine and I'm from Berlin, Germany. I came to Los Angeles two years ago to study screenwriting and recently received my AFA. Back home I've been working as a freelance writer for German TV shows, for example "Ugly Betty" (German title: "Verliebt in Berlin") or "Switch Reloaded". Being a writer I have a passion for language, literature and words. I also translated a short film ("LARS") into German and it recently won the Audience Award for best shortfilm at the Milan Film Festival. My second passion is travelling and exploring different cultures - in 2003 I lived in Ghana (West-Africa) for six months to teach in a nursery. Since German blood runs through my veins you can be sure that I'm very reliable, prepared and always on time ☺ Let's learn some German!

Vivien - German in Malibu, Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, Culver City, El Segundo, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Inglewood.

I was born in Cologne, Germany where I grew up, went to High school and did my "Abitur" (highest High school diploma). At twenty one, I first moved to NYC to work for the NYSE for one year. During that time in NYC, I was also teaching conversational German to adults. I moved back to Germany and then to Barcelona, Spain to get my BA in Marketing & Communication. During that time (3 years) I taught German to kids between the ages three to eleven. I truly enjoy working with students of all ages and look forward to meeting you soon!

Ani - German in the Valley, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and the Los Angeles Area

Hallo! My name is Ani. Though born in Armenia, I was raised in Germany and had the opportunity to enjoy its culture, its complex language and its people for most of my life. I moved to the US three years ago and am currently pursuing a B.A. in architectural design and German. Because I grew up watching my parents struggle with German as second language, I know what to focus on and how to break the language down to its simplest parts, so that everyone can understand it. Not only do I work to improve pronunciation, grammar basics, conversational speech and writing skills, but I will also introduce German culture with all its peculiarities! My interests are broad as I love Chess, Art, Literature and people - I will find the right "language" to communicate with you and adjust my program to your individual needs. I truly believe anyone can learn German with willpower, practice, and (most importantly) lots of fun!

Tom – Brentwood, Santa Monica, Palisades, Beverly Hills, Venice, Malibu, Culver

City Hallo zusammen! I was born and raised in Wels, Austria, near the German border. My family relocated to the United States when I was seven. Needless to say, I did not speak a word of English, and school was quite intimidating. But I will never forget the confidence Graciela, my English tutor, instilled in me at that time. I credit her foremost with the development of my language skills, and, to this day, she remains one of the best friends of my family. I have spent about the same time of my life in Austria and the United States, although I now live in Los Angeles with my wife. I have university level law degrees from both Austria and the United States, and I have experience in tutoring as well as drafting and translating documents in German and English. Whether it’s to pass a test, to prepare you for your stay in the old country or to get you immersed in local culture or literature, I look forward to helping you achieve your German goals, in German. Bis bald – ich freue mich schon!

Lon - German Tutor in Topanga, Malibu, Santa Monica, West LA

Hi, name is Lon. Born in the US, I lived in both Austria and Germany for many years before returning for school. I have a B.A. in international affairs and a minor in German from Florida State University. I return to Austria twice a year for work and to visit family and friends. teaching German in Los Angeles often presents me with interesting students, recenty I helped Sacha Baron Cohen on the Set of his new film, "Bruno" with his German Dialect. Besides teaching German, I have also recorded German voice-overs for animated features as well as television series. I have trained actors on film and television productions for accents, and German dialects take a look at our Film and TV page for more info!.

Torsten - German Tutor in Los Feliz, Pasedena, North Los Angeles

My name is Torsten, I am fluent in German and English. I was raised in southern Germany, near the beautiful city of Munich. I went through the entire schooling system there, both middle school and high school in German. The German I grew up speaking is standard German (Hochdeutsch), although I am quite capable of teaching most dialects and helping a student to discern the differences. I visit family in Germany every other year. Teaching experience includes working with Strommen Tutoring in Los Angeles and the German-American School Association of Southern California. I also currently teach art classes on a regular basis in the Los Angeles Area. I enjoy reading newspapers, magazines and works of German literature with my students.  


Private German Classes in Los Angeles for the Cost of A Group Class

"Ist dein Deutsch gut?" - Is your German good?

If you have tried group classes, bought the books, the software and are feeling a lack of guidance and cohesion - you're right; you need a personal German "trainer." 1 on 1 tutoring is an effective and rewarding way to learn German. With 1 on 1 instruction you will be making a worthwhile lifelong investment! It's time to globalize, to sharpen our skills; Strommen Tutoring wants to help!

"Sprechen, sprechen, sprechen!" - Speak!

The most important thing is speaking and listening. In a group class you do pleanty of listening, and waiting to speak, but not much speaking. With private tutoring you will learn ‘textbook German’ but also the all-important German idioms, slang, and colloquialisms that can only be learned in the intimate 1 on 1 setting. At Strommen we find it amazing, but many these terms are seldom taught even though they can be the most commonly used. When you get off the plane in Berlin, we bet the first thing you hear will be an idiom!

"Lesen, schreiben, sprechen: Die multilaterale Methode"

Let’s read, write, and talk: the ‘multilateral’ approach. At Strommen Tutoring we believe in a ‘multilateral’ approach to learning languages. The most noticeable results come from learning like a native German would. We will use a variety of German texts, from comic books to works of philosophy. We will use reading exercises, unique writing exercises, and oral exercises we have developed through research and application.  Therefore we will engage your German ‘right brain’ through conversation and listening but we will also employ your ‘left brain’ advantageously.

"Brauchen Sie hilfe?

Need help? If you are looking for a personalized German class, or are already taking an online course/group class, we can help you with conversational German, accent coaching, oral exam prep, written exam prep, German grammar, German history, German Philosophy, culture, and written assignments.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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